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Benefits of Online HRIS Software for MSMEs and Startup Companies

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Benefits of Online HRIS Software for MSMEs and Startup Companies

OnlineHRIS software (Human Resource Information Systems) is a computer program that can organize the governance and management of HR management within a company. HRIS aims to provide support in managing employee data, starting from attendance, payroll, and performance.


Online HRIS software

The HRIS system will greatly assist all complex personnel administration processes and make it concise, automatic, and minimal manipulation. It is suitable if the Online HRIS Software is implemented to MSMEs.


Using the HRIS system makes human resource management such as attendance, leave arrangements, overtime and sickness to be tidier and besides that, it does not require much handling of HRD staff to do it.


HRIS systems are able to cut company expenses, which are usually spent on operational costs. And besides that there are 3 other benefits for MSMEs or startup companies using HRIS Online Software, here are the reviews:


Benefits of Online HRIS Software for MSMEs and Startup Companies

Reduces Manipulation and Human Error

HR regulations are always related to and based on labor law, so that errors that occur due to human error or intentional individuals will have an impact on financial and legal problems for the company.


Accidental or intentional mistakes that can lead to legal problems and financial losses can be avoided by using the HRIS system. Regulations implemented by the HRIS system will run in accordance with regulations, and can be updated in accordance with the labor law, or the latest Ministerial Regulation.


HRD Focuses on Developing HR

The task of HRD (Human Resource Development) is to develop HR careers and skills in companies, with various kinds of efforts such as holding training, seminars, or further education to improve work quality and productivity for the company.


HRIS Online software will take on personnel administrative tasks that have been done by HRD staff, which makes this division busy with administrative matters so that it doesn't have time to do its main task, namely developing and improving employee skills.


Attendance and Payroll Management

The use of online HRIS software for MSMEs or startup companies is also useful for employee attendance management, which is usually a problem if not handled properly. Attendance reports are also a benchmark for calculating payroll, which is why reports as a basis for payroll must be precise and accurate.


Centralized attendance and payroll management are also important for companies that have branches so that their management is more efficient. Online HRIS software such as Cherry can accommodate the needs of startups or MSMEs.


Integrating Attendance Machines

Manage attendance centrally by integrating attendance machines with the HRIS system, which is capable of providing live attendance reports. As well as payroll calculations using flexible formulas, the process can be done automatically.


This is the importance of Online HRIS Software for MSMEs and startups, whose benefits can have a direct impact on the HR management, payroll, and personnel administration sectors.

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