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Functions, Types and Main Features in Cherry HRIS Software

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Functions, Types and Main Features in Cherry HRIS Software

Cherry HRIS software can also be called Human Resource Management (HRM), in the form of software that has become one of the must-have software for companies, regardless of type and size.


There are many benefits provided by this software, including the following:

Improve Employee Data Security

The first function of implementing Cherry's HRIS Software is to improve employee data security. Because employee data is private and can only be seen by interested parties.


With an HRM system, HRD managers can control who has access to the information in the system so that the risk of data theft can be minimized.


Facilitate the Distribution of Salaries

The process of distributing salaries is also one of the main duties of an HRD manager. The presence of HRD software facilitates and speeds up the billing process.


The human error which often causes errors in calculating salaries can be minimized. Because the system calculates it according to working hours and employee attendance.

Payroll reports can be generated in minutes and everything is stored in the system, so management and staff can track them easily.

Managers can also view monthly payroll reports and view the components of each employee's salary (allowances, overtime pay, etc.).


Monitoring Employee Performance

Did you know, in addition to the benefits above, it turns out that the HRM system makes it easy for management to identify employees who are growing fast and which are slow?

With this Cherry HRIS Software, HRD managers can assign KPIs to each employee to measure their performance. This of course makes it easier for personnel management in your company when evaluating employees.


Save HRD Operational Costs

CHERRY HRIS SOFTWARE can also, help reduce HRD operational costs by eliminating the use of paper or other inefficient applications. The software also reduces staffing requirements as the entire process can be handled automatically.


Simplifying the Recruitment Process

The recruitment process, from interviews to hiring new employees, can be handled easily using Cherry HRIS Software. The manager, in this HR department, can follow the steps in the recruiting process. From now on, candidates will be placed based on their status. This makes the recruitment process faster and easier.


Helps Optimize the Decision Making Process

Furthermore, HRM software can also help management make better decisions. Because all information related to HR can be reviewed through a centralized system.

Management can more quickly and easily find out who has contributed enough to the company and who has not. Management can take action more quickly to address employee skill gaps.


Key Features In Cherry HRIS Software

Each HRM system has its own advantages and disadvantages, but there are some key features that a complete and sophisticated HRM software should have.


Some of them that you should know, namely:

Payroll Management

This is perhaps the most crucial feature in an HRM system. The distribution of salaries within a company can be very complex because every employee has a different level of wages, benefits, and tax payments.

The payroll feature simplifies the job. This feature automatically calculates employee salaries based on attendance, time worked, performance and tax deductions, minimizing the possibility of errors in salary calculations.


Payroll can be generated digitally and stored properly in the system. A report about the salary of each employee can be displayed on the screen so that the HR manager can easily ensure that nothing is overlooked.


Types of Cherry HRIS Software

The next section that will be discussed is the types of HRIS Cherry software that are differentiated based on their functions. There are three types of Cherry HRIS Software that are most sought after by companies.

Three types of Cherry HRIS Software is based on their functions, including:

Cherry Operational HRIS Software

The first type is the operational Cherry HRIS Software. This type is a Cherry HRIS Software with a choice of integrated modules to manage personnel requirements, but only in operational areas, from employee administration to attendance and payroll.


Cherry Tactical HRIS Software

Then, there is the Cherry Tactical HRIS Software type, which is Cherry HRIS Software with a choice of integrated modules to manage human resource needs in the areas of personnel planning, recruitment, and training/development.


Cherry Strategic HRIS Software

Finally, there is the Cherry Strategic HRIS Software type, namely Cherry HRIS Software with a choice of integrated modules that help companies align company strategies with their employees. Performed performance reviews and targeting.


You can choose the type of Cherry HRIS Software that best suits your company's needs based on its function. By referring to the company's current focus and goals, it is hoped that it will become a reference for selecting the suitable Cherry HRIS Software.


Solutions Offered By Cherry HRIS Software

In fact, apart from bringing benefits, this Cherry HRIS Software also offers solutions for companies, you know! Cherry HRIS software will assist companies in managing everything related to human resources.

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