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HRIS Cherry Software can Increase Employee Happiness, Woww

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HRIS Cherry Software can Increase Employee Happiness, Woww

HRIS Cherry Software - Employee happiness is something crucial for the company because it can have an impact on the overall productivity of the company. Therefore the company always tries to implement a balanced program between the interests of the company and employee happiness.


There are many ways that companies do this, by providing additional benefits to employees, organizing outing events or family gatherings, giving awards, and so on.

HRIS Cherry Software

In addition to the methods above, it turns out that the application of technology such as Cherry HRIS can also have a positive impact on employee happiness if used properly. Data accuracy, processing speed, even distribution of information, employee involvement, etc. are some of the points related to employee satisfaction or happiness.


The following are some of the things that employees at companies that use HRIS systems generally feel.



HRD certainly has lightened its work with HR applications such as Cherry HRIS Employee Self Service. But actually, not only from the HRD side, employees will also be facilitated by the Employee Self Service application.


For example, to apply for employee leave, there is no need to take a form first, simply by opening the Employee Self Service application, employees can apply for leave from their PC or smartphone wherever they are.


Besides making it easier for employees to be able to boast about themselves to their friends or colleagues by showing or sharing the Employee Self Service application used by their company. That way indirectly there will be a sense of pride from the employee side which may make employees love the company and their work more.


Accuracy and Transparency of Data

From the managerial side, this benefit is definitely felt by companies that implement good Cherry HRIS software. A lot of data can be accessed by superiors or company leaders to be used according to their needs, such as, data analysis, audits and others.


In addition, with this accurate data, the company can create an objective performance appraisal system where employees will get a value that is in accordance with what has been done so far.


From the employee side, with an informative program employees can see detailed data related to themselves or the team they supervise. For example, for checking the calculation of overtime, employees can view detailed attendance data for each day and carry out their own checks. Or before the payroll process is carried out, employees can submit data revisions if they see any data that is wrong or has not been updated.



By using a good system and supported by good rules, the processing or processing of data will be faster. For example, processing salary data before using the system takes 2 to 5 working days (depending on the complexity of each company).


However, after using the system the time required may be cut in half, so that employees can receive salary payments faster than before or at least on time.


Not only that, the salary slip distribution process can also be done as soon as possible after the salary calculation process is complete. Cherry HRIS has several Salary Slip sharing options that can be determined by the customer which option is most suitable to be implemented in the company. These things certainly have an impact on employee happiness because the salary that is awaited every month is always received on time.



With complete information during the implementation stage, it will be easier for HRIS to manage applications that will be implemented in a company. So that the application can run according to applicable rules.


Coupled with features that make it easier for HRD to check data should be errors because Human Errors can be reduced and have an impact on accurate calculation results. With salary calculations that are always accurate every month, employees do not need to worry about a shortage of salary payments by the company.

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