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Indonesian Accounting Software Mostly Used by National Companies

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Indonesian Accounting Software Mostly Used by National Companies

IndonesianAccounting Software - Here are the Top 3 Accounting Software Most Used by Companies in Indonesia. One of them has received the Top Brand award. Accounting software is a computer program created with the aim of collecting all transactions that occur in the company and processing it into an accounting journal and automatically producing complete financial reports required by the company.


Software prices are quite expensive, it can reach hundreds of millions to billions of rupiah, but when compared with the results of complete and accurate financial reports and can support the company's development, the price is arguably the number factor for companies whether to use the software or not.


Complete and Cheap Package Accounting Software

Due to the high cost of buying accounting software, currently many software development companies (software houses) are making accounting software packages (general accounting software) which can be obtained at low prices.


Pros and Cons of Accounting Software


This type of software is mass-produced based on the applicable accounting standard regulations, so that many users. Wherever users of the software will get the same features and modules as well as how to use them.


The features and modules of general accounting software cannot be customized, it will make it easier for the After Sales Service to handle problems or problems faced by users of the software. General accounting software is usually designed to be user friendly so that it is very easy for users, from how to use it to how to display financial reports.



Weaknesses of general accounting software usually do not accept requests for feature and module changes, so users really have to follow existing features and do not rule out that there is still work to be done outside the system, for example, export to Excel and further processed.


In addition, because the price is cheap when purchasing, it usually does not include training services and software implementation, so it is necessary to buy training services separately and usually the training costs are actually more expensive than the software price.


3 Top Accounting Software Most Used by Companies in Indonesia. From the description above, I would like to inform you about the 3 most popular software packages used by companies in Indonesia.


Accurate Accounting Software

ACCURATE Software is an original Indonesian-made package accounting software developed by PT Cipta Piranti Sejahtera since 2000. Until the end of 2017, it was noted that Accurate The software had been used by more than 300,000 companies in Indonesia.


Accurate Desktop software is suitable for use by companies that only have 1 business office and all company activities are carried out in that office, while Accurate Online is for companies that have several branches or company leaders who want to monitor company transaction activities from anywhere and anytime.


EASY Accounting Software

EASY Accounting is suitable accounting software for your company. Why? EASY Accounting developed by Megasoft has existed in Indonesia since 2009. This software is a ready-to-use and easy-to-use package accounting software.


EASY Accounting has complete modules starting from the Purchasing Module, Inventory, Sales, General Ledger, Bank Cash, Financial Reports, Project, and Department, to a special Module for Manufacture. EASY Accounting can be used for trading/trading companies, contractors, service companies, non-profits, cooperatives, plantations, mining to manufacturing companies.


Featured features in EASY Accounting

With the existence of an accounting software, recording financial statements becomes easier


Import Transactions From Excel

EASY Accounting provides features in the form of import sales transactions, purchases, costs to expenditures of raw materials for manufacturing.


Full Transaction Approval

With this feature, you can control the transactions entered by the user so that they can determine which transactions can be processed further.


EASY Branch

This feature allows us to grant user permissions so that they cannot view and access transactions outside their branch or scope of work.


Min and Max Unit Price

With this feature, we can lock and determine the minimum and maximum limits of the selling price and the purchase price of goods so that they do not exceed the specified limits.


Budgeting Feature

With this feature, we can lock and determine the budget or budget for an account post. For example, determining the budget for marketing.


MYOB Accounting Software

MYOB is software made in Australia and is the forerunner of many accounting software that has developed in Indonesia. Prior to the existence of Accurate and Zahir Software, MYOB had already mastered the financial software market in Indonesia and MYOB was widely used as an Accounting Lab practicum in several leading campuses.

But because of its foreign-made features, many companies have switched from MYOB to accurate because accurate is faster in responding to changes in accounting and taxation regulations in Indonesia by publishing software updates.

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