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Salary Slip Application Excel An Easier Process for Paying Employees

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Salary Slip Application Excel An Easier Process for Paying Employees

Salary Slip Application - In this modern and digital era, the employee payroll system has been helped a lot by the excel salary slip application. In the past, HRDs had to recap manually, now this is no longer necessary. An easier process and faster time are a distinct advantage for HRD with the presence of this application.


If referring to labor law, payslips must be issued at the date of payroll. Article 17 paragraph (2) of the Wage Government Regulation (PP) No 78/2015, states:


Employers are required to provide proof of payment of wages containing details of the wages received by workers/laborers at the time the wages are paid.


Excel is a basic program that is widely used for the purpose of recording employee salaries. The system that can perform mathematical calculations is of course the main value of this program. Not surprisingly, many pay slip applications use Excel as their main foundation


Although there is no need to calculate manually, the excel paycheck application requires its users to understand the concept and format in the application. If you enter the wrong format, your salary calculation will be messed up. Therefore, before using this application, users must have a full understanding of the concept and format of the application first.


Payroll Format (Salary Slip)

To be able to run the excel payslips application properly and correctly, the payslip format must be mastered first. Every company has a different payroll system for its employees. A list of salary components such as allowances, overtime pay, and health facilities are some of the factors that usually differentiate companies from one another.

Even though there are differences, in general, a common thread can be drawn from the format of a company's employee salary slip. There are several elements or components that must be on a paycheck. The following is the discussion.


Main Format

What is meant by the main format is the header of the salary slip. This section usually contains the company name along with the logo and full address of the company. The writing of the Salary Slip will also be clearly shown under the company information. After that, information about the employee including the full name and division where he works will be included under the writing of the Salary Slip.


Fill in the details

Salary breakdown usually consists of total hours worked, overtime hours, benefits, and bonuses. Some companies include food and transportation allowances as well. All components of this salary breakdown are usually pre-listed in the work contract.


Salary cuts

The excel payslips application also includes a salary deduction. For employees who borrow money from the cooperative or have a bank loan with a pay cut system, each month the amount of the discount will be clearly written. Salary deductions can also be caused by work delays.


For employee attendance matters, the HRD can easily monitor them through the applications used by the company. Android employee attendance applications are now widely available everywhere, paid or free. This application can be used as an HRD program for company employees. The HRD only needs to download the employee attendance for free and recap it for the calculation of the monthly salary.


Another discount component that is always in the excel paycheck application is income tax (PPh). The amount of tax paid to the government follows the regulations set by the government itself. The amount of a person's income tax percentage is determined based on the amount of salary he receives in one year. For example, for an employee who has a total salary of 50 million rupiahs per year, he must pay 5% of the income tax of his total annual salary.


All total income minus total salary deductions will be the formula for calculating employee salaries each month. With the correct nominal income from each component of the salary slip, the nominal that will be received by the employee must be appropriate. Accuracy and understanding of the various components is the main key to the accuracy of the nominal salary.


Salary Slip Date

The final element of the payslip format is the date the payslips are issued. It also includes the period for which the salary is received from what date to what and in what month. In addition, the party issuing or making this salary slip will also be clearly stated.

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