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Sigma HRIS as the best Indonesian Payroll, HR & HRIS Software

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Sigma HRIS as the best Indonesian Payroll, HR & HRIS Software

Sigma HRIS is Payroll Software, HR & HRIS in Indonesia, integration of Payroll applications & HR systems to process HR data, payroll, attendance, BPJS & PPh21. Sigma HRIS consists of Sigma HRIS Core Module which functions as Indonesian Payroll Software, based on Indonesian regulations.


Sigma HRIS module

Sigma HRIS is also equipped with additional modules consisting of modules for recruitment, learning & development, performance management, and business travel. Employees can make transaction requests and view data directly through the HR portal provided by the Employee Self Service and the Mobile Application which is directly accessed on each employee's android device.


Main Features of Sigma HRIS Indonesia

You no longer waste time waiting for the payroll calculation process. Sigma HRIS can calculate your payroll data at a very fast speed. Salary data calculation speed for 500 employees are about 3 minutes with data that has been encrypted automatically.


Sigma HRIS Performs Data Analysis

Sigma HRIS helps you easily visualize data to perform data analysis from various existing data sources as a basis for more accurate decision-making.


Sigma HRIS Performs Data Retrieval

Sigma HRIS can perform data retrieval from attendance machines automatically. Issue data for E-SPT (PPh21), SIPP (BPJS), and E-Banking. Sigma HRIS is also equipped with an E-Report feature to send 1721 A1 and Salary Slip to your employees.


Sigma HRIS Database is Guaranteed to be Safe

Your data security is our priority. Our application will automatically encrypt the data that will be stored. This feature gives you the convenience of entering salary data into Sigma HRIS and the Sigma HRIS Database can be placed on any server you have.


Sigma HRIS HR & Payroll Solutions

Sigma HRIS provides complete HR & Payroll solutions starting from the Sigma HRIS Core Module for managing HR, attendance, payroll & PPh 21. Sigma HRIS is also equipped with an Advanced Module as an additional function that includes business travel, recruitment, employee performance appraisal, and development.


Sigma HRIS is equipped with a formula feature

To increase flexibility, Sigma HRIS is equipped with a formula feature so that applications can easily adjust to the circumstances and needs of the company. Changes to formulas can be done by the user himself without making changes to the application code.


Getting started with Sigma HRIS

At this stage, our product consultant will present Sigma HRIS to you. You will have the opportunity to discuss Sigma HRIS products and your HR processes. Our consultants are happy to answer your every question.


Companies Utilizing Sigma HRIS

At this stage, we will provide a BPR document format to be filled in according to the HR processes and management that applies to your company. After the BPR documents are filled in, our consultant will schedule a visit to your office to review and provide the best solution for companies utilizing Sigma HRIS.


Installation and implementation will begin after the technical and non-technical aspects have been resolved through the kickoff meeting. This stage will be divided into 4 phases, namely Data Gathering, Training, User Acceptance Test, and Live. This stage takes approximately 2 months.

After Sigma HRIS has been implemented in your company. We will provide 1-year of free support. If you have problems using Sigma HRIS, you can contact us by phone, e-mail, or remote support.

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