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The Importance of Accounting Science for Corporate Business Finance

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The Importance of Accounting Science for Corporate Business Finance

The Importance of Accounting - Money is a primary need for all types of business. Without good business financial management, your business will not last long. Interestingly, there are quite a number of business people who are not from the accounting field, including you. In fact, you certainly know how important accounting knowledge is for your business finances.


Even so, don't let your lack of understanding of accounting prevent you from managing your business finances properly. Without any accounting knowledge, you can actually manage your business finances well. How are the tips? Here are some of the tips that Accurate has summarized for you:


Always record income per day

How much income do you receive each day? It is likely that the numbers will not always be the same, so always try to write them down. The income that is recorded must also come from all sources, not being fixed on one source only.


Not only from the sales of products, but you are also required to record income from supplier or producer commissions, investor donations, and so on. Record all income in detail and specifically for product sales, including the name of the product, the unit price, and the number of products sold. Then, compare it with the data that you have before.


Estimate Variable Costs

Variable costs refer to the costs you have to pay to get the products you sell. For example, you have an online store business by becoming a reseller of certain products. So, the variable costs you have to pay must match the amount of stock that you take from the manufacturer.


However, if you are an SME business owner or an online shop that sells your own manufactured goods, the variable costs that you must pay include all costs in the production process.

Calculate Fixed Costs

If variable costs are the costs that must be incurred to get the product, then fixed costs refer to all the costs that you must pay each month. Examples include hosting and domain costs, rent, employee salaries, electricity bills, and so on.


By calculating the number of fixed costs, you can estimate the amount of money you have to spend each month. You can also adjust it to your current financial condition and ensure that your business has sufficient costs in the following months.


Adjust Expenditures with Needs

Good financial management must also be balanced with balanced financial activities. Adjust your expenses as needed. Do not push yourself if the existing financial conditions do not allow you to take certain steps.


Determine the priority scale so that you can minimize expenses that are not really needed at this time. Don't forget to always set aside some of the profits to be used as capital for business development or just to be kept as a reserve fund in case of unexpected things.


Using Accounting Software

It is undeniable that managing finances can be a PR in itself, especially for those of you who have no accounting background at all. The good news is, you can use a tool in the form of cloud-based accounting software such as Accurate Accounting to help manage finances without having to understand accounting.


Because it is cloud-based, you can access it from anywhere and anytime. You can even collaborate with your employees. You also don't need to worry about data security issues because Accurate Accounting uses banking standard encryption and always backs up your data automatically every day.


Managing finances without having to understand accounting is not impossible. The five tips above have proven it. Moreover, there is accounting software such as Accurate Accounting that can make this easier.


Even so, it doesn't hurt to learn the basics of accounting so that your financial management can run better. You will definitely feel the positive influence of your business.

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