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What is the HRIS Application? To Manage HR Management Activities

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What is the HRIS Application? To Manage HR Management Activities

HRIS Application - Before knowing the best examples of HRIS applications, it's best if you get to know this application first. As mentioned above, the HRIS application is a software or application that functions to manage HR management activities more efficiently.


Digital Systems in HRIS Applications

A variety of activities including employee payroll, paying income tax, recording attendance and employee leave applications, and evaluating employee performance can be done quickly. Because the digital system in the HRIS application has been integrated and processed centrally.


This integrated data processing and centering allow many activities to be optimized and reduces repetitive inputting activities. Furthermore, HRIS can also be integrated with several modules or other applications needed by companies to form a comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning system.


There are many types of HRIS

In this way, not only The HR department will become more efficient, but the business processes in your company, in general, will also be better. There are many types of HRIS. You should consider this when choosing an HRIS application because it will have consequences for the use of company resources.


Examples of Best HRIS Applications

There are indeed a lot of brands or names of HRIS applications on the market.

Here are some examples of the best HRIS applications whose use is spread all over the world:

In other words, you can use this application early on and then adjust it as the company's business scale grows. This Indonesia-based application is cloud-based and can be used independently on Android-based employee devices.


The features provided by this application is quite complete, including main features such as the payroll application, overtime calculations, employee time management, online attendance, documenting staffing master files, filing for leave, and others.


No less important supporting features such as monitoring employee health, submitting employee benefits, payroll disbursement features are also available in this application.


1. Bitrix24

The free version of Bitrix24 has several HR features such as personal social networking, attendance charts, shared calendars, document management, resume storage, employee portals, leave requests, employee workload planning, assignments, and project management, etc.


Meanwhile, integration with other important HR software such as the payroll application can only be done in the self-hosted version. The provider of this application is based in the United States.


2. iSolved

The iSolved application is suitable for small to medium-sized businesses. The important features of this application are the features of setting working hours, calculating overtime, applying for leave, and calculating salaries. Unfortunately, this application cannot yet accommodate the need for online attendance recording, and cannot be used on Android devices. The provider of this application is based in the United States.


3. HR Web

HR Web application is suitable for small business scale. The features provided are quite complete, from compensation management, performance management, employee time and attendance management, recruitment, etc. Located in the United States, this application is priced at $ 39.95 per month per user, but it also has a free and trial version. The provider of this application is located in the United States.


4. TimeTrax

The TimeTrax application is suitable for use in start-ups, small businesses, medium to large companies. The features provided are quite complete, from the recruitment process to performance appraisals and field cost management. Another advantage of this application is the dashboard that makes it easy for business owners to see real-time performance achievements. The provider of this application is based in Pakistan.

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